Kiss Daniel, Singer gets matching tattoos with Chidinma Ekile

85F00912-EF45-4166-8809-606D353EE7B5.jpegSo guys rumour has it that Kiss Daniels and Chidinma Ekile are an item but with this new matching tattoos, they both got, it could be more serious than we thought.

Kiss Daniel took to his Instagram stories on Monday, March 26, 2018, where he posted photos of himself and singer, Chidinma with matching tattoos.

In one of the videos, Chidinma is watching a clip on her laptop with Kiss Daniel in the background saying ”She’s rehearsing” while she smiled back at him.

7BD7C0C8-86A4-473D-ADA4-545C48C9D544With all these rumours and hints, we cant but wait to see this new relationship blossom and who knows, they might just turn out to become one of the most powerful and influential celebrity couples in Nigeria.


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