Our eyes set apart from the truth.

Blinded from facts and understanding.
Violence is the key but no one sees.
You are decorated as powers of the world.
A button pushed and nations disappear.
Codes activated and places harboured by people reduce to nothing.
You use the media you display your arsenal acquisition.
Like saying don’t try us.
All neighboring personnel’s fear you,you say its respect.
With this means you shut the mouth of nation.
You put fear in the mind of critics.
You ask for the implementation of an absurd practice.
If not put in place you cut alliance with them.
Because of your possession of an item they need.
But no one still dares to talk.
The laws and rules do not matter.
I do not speak on assumption or make erroneous conclusions.
The truth sets all men free.
That truth in all honesty i lay down
A man continues with a wrong unless a threat is made to that wrong.
If a man is told a tooth for a tooth.
He fears to touch another’s tooth for he knows if he does he’s would be taken.
I do not encourage freedom to sinners.
 If we ride on this bridges that separates us from the truth.
We would come to realisation that violence cures all.
If a violent force is not made the rules will not stand.
Then you agree with me that Violence is the pillar to the ends of all crimes..


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