A corruptless nation without  looters. Honesty the title of its people. An over florished economy. Unemployment banished from the lands. Stable currency without equal. Indeed a force to be reckoned with. Cultism and criminality abolished. Bribery and poverty murdered. They are now stories told by the old. This nation home of satisfied student’s.  Oh the … More THE_POET_LIED


​Our eyes set apart from the truth. Blinded from facts and understanding.Violence is the key but no one sees.You are decorated as powers of the world.A button pushed and nations disappear.Codes activated and places harboured by people reduce to nothing.You use the media you display your arsenal acquisition.Like saying don’t try us.All neighboring personnel’s fear … More BOUNDARIES 


Thin beautiful diefully apealing.  Nicest in class  front seaters. Hairs properly made. Makeups at the peak of decency. A stalker becomes friends. Falsely his help needed. In the darks of night. He eats fruits they offer. Tied to this ancient tree. Like Jericho they walk round Their plea heard form beyond the stars. Her dwellin … More DEATHFILLED DISGUISE 


Your calls whisper in my ears You request me in your presence I am enchanted by your seduction Then clothless i fall in you You are my shelter my anchorage  My consecrated asylum In you i will rest my problem times My pool of depression.

Stress eating

Sometimes it happens after you get an angry email from your boss. Or, maybe because you recently connected with a new love interest…and now he or she’s gone MIA. Whatever the dilemma, cue your hand in the bag of Cheetos or a visit to the kitchen for, well…whatever’s there. You know what it is: stress … More Stress eating